About Lively Distributing

Quality and Safety is the Top Priority

Lively Distributing is a premier DSD-Direct Store Delivery Company. We deliver high quality products such as Fresh Dairy, Juice, Ice Cream, Foods, Ice Cream Mixes, K-12 Smart Snack Compliant items, Water and much more to class A companies and schools through out Arizona and New Mexico.

Our DSD division has state of the art equipment that allows us to make each delivery exceptional for the customer. We can write orders, stock shelves, rotate product, print clean invoicing and much more right from the stores we are servicing.

Lively Distributing takes great pride in servicing our customers. For over 50 years this dedication has made us the top choice of companies who want a distributor they can count on, regardless.

Please feel free to contact our Phoenix office for information on partnering with us to deliver directly to your favorite stores.

A refrigerated delivery truck at the parking lot


In 1973, Bernard Lively began delivering Borden ice cream to customers in Phoenix from a single truck. Today, Lively Distributing has a large and efficient fleet of trucks delivering more than 20,000 products to the customers throughout Arizona and New Mexico.

These products come from some of the best names in the food service business. We service a wide range of customers such as convenience stores, health care, K-12 schools, Institution, restaurants, pharmacy chains and more


Coordinate with us for efficient delivery, storage and great service. Our Phoenix office staff would be delighted to provide you with the information and assistance you need. Please reach out!