Providing DSD Services Compliant With Food Safety Guidelines

Lively Distributing takes extreme care when transporting food products to stores, schools, retail outlets, and various other establishments. We strictly enforce food safety guidelines to keep product safe.

Prioritizing food safety is the key. To ensure this, all our professional employees are continuously trained and regularly tested for compliance with current regulations.


Delivery Fleet Options

Select delivery truck options available for the type of goods you are transporting. Our large fleet delivers more than 20,000 products to customers throughout Arizona and New Mexico via:

Refrigerated Routes

Frozen Routes

Combo Routes

Products We Deliver

We deliver a variety of wholesale items including:

Milk and Dairy


Ice Cream



Ice Cream mixes


And More!

Milk & Dairy

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Milk & Dairy - Lively distributing is one of the largest family-owned and -operated dairy distributors in the Southwest. We distribute a full line of dairy products, including fresh milk, eggs, sour cream, cottage cheese, whipping cream, half and half and more. We deliver to Grocery Chains, restaurants, K-12 schools, hospitals, institutions and more.



Juice - Lively has a variety of fresh juice and smoothies available. We carry Gallon Juice for food service and "grab n go" for retail stores. We also stock smart snack compliant juice for K-12 schools, we have 4 and 6 ounce shelf stable and frozen options available in multiple flavors including apple, grape orange, fruit punch and very berry.

Ice cream

Ice Cream Novelty 2.jpg_1676414989

Ice cream - Lively Distributing delivers top of the line ice cream brands. We stock 3 gallon tubs, retail novelties, paletas, smart snack compliant items and much more. Ask about our no cost freezer program that includes the best Novelty ice cream items available. We have dedicated frozen ice cream trucks and combo trucks to deliver directly to you!



Foods - We value our relationships with our customers and vendors. Lively has over 20,000 food items available for delivery. Meat, seafood, dairy, produce, beverages, dry goods, frozen food, Italian, disposables, cleaning supplies and more.

Ice cream mix

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Ice cream mix- Lively Distributing sources the best cream mixes in the country. Whether its 18% ice cream mix for homemade ice cream, soft serve mix or frozen custard we have you covered. Even if you have your own recipe and brand, we are able to get it manufactured, stored and delivered for you.


water 3.jpg_1676414882

Water - Water is a high demand item is Arizona and New Mexico as Lively delivers millions of gallons to their customers every year. We carry gallon water, bottled water, specialty waters and ever do custom private label.

Milk Alternatives

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Milk Alternatives - One-third of Americans drink non-dairy milk at least weekly. Overall sales of alternative milks in North America amount to around 20 percent of the value of traditional milk sales. Lively has barista oat milk, almond milk, soy milk and coconut options available from the top manufactures in the business.

Hot & Cold Cup

Hot & Cold Cups.jpg_1676414787

Hot & Cold Cups- Kups To Go” brand is our go to for private label paper and PET cups for coffee shops, restaurants, ice cream shops and more. We can put your logo on these high quality cups and ship them anywhere in the country. If you are local we can make them, warehouse them and delivery them as needed.

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